Saúde e beleza no Gutierrez

A Márcia e Érika Puperi Terapia Dermatológica (, clínica especializada em tratamentos faciais integrais e específicos e em tratamentos corporais, é a mais nova empresa a escolher o Empresarial Artes para sediar suas atividades. A clínica, que ocupa a sala 404 do edifício desde junho, traz ao Gutierrez tratamentos estéticos de alto padrão, com atenção individualizada aos clientes, garantindo atendimentos exclusivos.

Segundo as sócias, Márcia e Érika Puperi – mãe e filha – a nova sede fica em um local de mais fácil acesso (ao lado da Polícia Federal e a dois quarteirões do Hospital Madre Teresa) e dispõe de estacionamento gratuito para clientes. “Isso oferece mais segurança e comodidade ao nosso público. Além desse motivo, escolhemos o Empresarial Artes para sediar nossa clínica por ser um edifício elegante e bem exclusivo, o que combina perfeitamente com nossa proposta”, comenta Érika.

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    The people elected to the U.S.Congress take an oath to up-hold the same and to defend ..”America from all Enemie’s wether they be foreign or Domestic”… The 2 Senators from “Texas” are pro-gun and have defended the 2nd. Amendment on the Hill as my Congressman from Dist. 3 , Sam Johnson .“WE THE PEOPLE”.. failed by not demanding that the electors from every state uphold the U.S.CONSTITUTION prior to electing them to office ans to make provisions in their terms that should they fail to uphold any part of their oath they would be dismissed and re-placed !

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    Stop the filthy tar sands operations. Everyone talks about the debt we are leaving our children but never a word about the polluted earth they will not be able to survive on. Big money to the few on top creating unlivable conditions for the rest of us. Unexcepable. Shame of them.

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    Posted by on October 29, 2012 at 7:45 am Well I agree with all your post up to the point when you say you need a mentor for all this. I think that you yourself c be the best mentor for you, and the main thing – you will really care about your success – practically no other mentor would.And yes, from my own experience I agree its easier to study when there;s someone to guide you, but I can also say that often when you do everything yourself it’s a bit slower but far more successive in a long run – the main thing here in never give up!

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    April is a rough one for me too, but with Easter falling this month we do have such joy to celebrate. I hope your sadness lifts with the hope of things to come. Don't let the sadness steal your joy.Thank you for being a blessing to us in blogland! Now, blessings to you!


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    This must be very hard on you both. Have you thought about sign language? When I was a child I had to use it because my ear canals never grew so I couldn’t hear. After my surgery I’m fine but I still use sign language like in a noisy restaurant or something. I also read lips. But you can use sign language and speech at the same time and not lose the ability of speech. My prayers are with you!! I love your blog. CindyLID 1/26/06 for our first child.

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