Imóvel do mês de novembro


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    o’zapft is: Start für das Mutantenstadl… Deutschland füttert also zukünftig ihre Kinder mit Gen-Technologie ???Wie tief kann der Mensch bezüglich Massentierhaltung zwecks Essen aus Langeweile und “nicht-genug”-bekommen-können noch sinken?….. liebe Tiere, es tut mir leid, scheinbar fehlt immer noch Mitgefühl und Verständnis für Euren Dienst für uns. Wann wacht das menschliche Bewusstsein endlich wirklich auf?Frau Aigner: Was haben Sie sich bei dieser Entscheidung gedacht?


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    Madre mía Ana, se ven de lo más esponjosos y con ese colorcillo, todo ternura, los quiero probar.A ver si consigo la fécula de patata en la herbolistería entonces!!!

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    it bet it’s a good time to refinance. i hope you guys got a low rate. that might, make those migraines worth it. hope lauren made out ok at her appointment yesterday too! shots are no fun. have a blessed day! -tara

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    I know what you mean. There’s a goofy exuberance to a lot of the 80′s Marvel catalog, and I also feel it was a period of artistic experimentation that has paved the way for much of what’s possible today. You’ll be seeing more of these drawings for sure, as I’ve got plenty of them to work out of my system!

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    Does anyone know a link where banks compete for your business? I want to refinance my car and Lending Tree is a bunch of bullsh*t. They give you one bank when they promise four and it’s a take it or leave it deal. F*ck them. I want to be able to enter my information and have banks compete offering the best rates. Can anyone suggest a site? Thanks in advance.

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    Memberdayakan ekonomi rakyat memang butuh proses yang panjang, keterbatasan informasi dan lemahnya pendidikan menjadi faktor penghambat mengembangkan usaha yang dikelola masyarakat.Semoga berhasil ya mbak idenya… .-= jack´s selesai [nulis] ..Yang Dibilang Sukses itu… =-.Sebenarnya idenya sudah bisa dibilang berhasil, Bang Marpaung, soalnya sudah di lakukan [dan akan terlalu panjang jika sampai hasilnya saya ceritakan dalam postingan, hehehe] hanya saja belom tentu berhasil memenangkan kontes.

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    Wow, this really gets the old gray matter churning! My all time favorite book is Hemingway’s ‘A Moveable Feast’, so that’s in there. ‘The Great Gatsby’ is next. Hmmmm. For horror, something like ‘Boy’s Life’ by Robert McCammon. Then maybe ‘Snow in August’ by Pete Hammil. I might round it out with ‘Miracle in Seville’ by James Michener. I’d be very happy with that list.

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    Ya’ll should get one.. Ung bblin lng tlga 30k lng ata 16GB.. I have one.. And My mom has the globe plan.. It’s super fast(Kasi may kamaganak kami dun.. haha! Loosers.. Kiddn’!) apply then kinabukasan pede ng kuwain.. Hard to believe? Won’t blame you.. LOL

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    Jomän, det menar jag och det borde jag skrivit. Tack för det. Himla gott eller hur? Finns på helt okej fabriksversion i rätt många matbutiker. Fast det kanske är en italiensk version. Måste kolla.

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    We actually went to walmart and bought spray called “Adam’s Home Flea and Tick Spray”. It works very well and almost immediately. Just spray it all over the house. It’s safe around both humans and animals.The even cooler thing about it is that you can actually use it on other insects as well. I was sitting on the porch and a huge wasp was flying around.. I sprayed it with the spray, and after it fell I sprayed it some more.. and a few minutes later it was dead. Haha.Well good luck!

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    Szia!Hajrá! Sok kitartást!De miért is spanyol? Őööö… eddig azt hittem, olaszban vagyunk… a toszkán hercegségben… Vagy valami elkerülte a figyelmemet? Eh… Mert ha spanyol, akkor peso a pénznem, viszont akkor nem lehet toszkánia…Egyébként, biztos, hogy igazad van a “címzéssel” kapcsolatban. 🙂 Közben rájöttem. 😀

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    I can’t handle everything being sweet – even bread. And no savoury spreads!Not a fan of fizzy either. Never get it for the boys. We survive on water and milk most of the time – although my Mum is constantly giving us large bottles of juice and Ribena. But I love, love, love Bundy’s sparkling pink grapefruit drink – there’s grapefruit in there. Somewhere….right?

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    Sound like a good idea, count me in. If it's going to be funded, it'll likely be us to start with. A modest basic subscription perhaps and if some want to give more then they should. In any event, important that the weight falls evenly, as in not all on you.Incidentally, maybe we should follow up on another of your points a while back and offer ourselves en masse to Irish and other literary festivals, bookshops and bar mitzvahs.

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    How come it seems everything I do, becomes cool and funny no more than a couple years later?Brace yourselves, jacking off with your legs over your shoulders, while holding the buisness end of a waffle iron in your ass is gonna be the new "cool" by ’09. You watch.

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    i think shih tzu memang macma tu moi.. i think i have to stop gummy treat juga la.. she also have skin prob ni..makin menjadi jadi hers..sigh..kesian she..Pa ubat kau pakai moi?

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    dit :J’ai une pote qui fait ça aussi, et elle en est accro, limite si elle dort pas la bas Bon a quand les championnats du monde de skate?^^ Hahaha, moi j’en suis pas encore là, hein, j’aime bien mon chez moi et mon petit bureau sous les toits. Mais sortir un peu, casser la routine, ça fait du bieeennnn !

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    Hello just thought i would tell you something.. This is twice now i’ve landed on your blog in the last 2 weeks looking for totally unrelated things. Spooky or what?

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    Jacob is stunning!! I adore turtles/tortoises and have raised several from hatching!!I told Curtise we should have a blogger "show your pusssies day"–wouldn't that get some stuffy peoples knickers in a twist!!!Love the outfit–they wore their pants tucked into their boots and bloused like that on the 1973 SoulTrain episode recently.Good lucK against the grannies tomorrow. Glad to hear your eye is better!Give Jacob a rub for me!! And pet those kitties!!{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}Tamera


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    Ok, great advice if you’re in a service industry, but my dad, who hasn’t been laid off but was moved from salaried to hourly and had his hours cut to thirty hours a week, is a mechanical engineer for a company that’s an original equipment manufacturer for the major automotive companies. I don’t think a business that requires CNC machining and casting molten aluminum is quite so easy to replicate on your own!


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    Le Wadi Rum n’est pas l’expérience ultime du désert, il y a par endroits autant de touristes et de 4X4 que dans le 16è à Paris. C’est beau certes mais pas à l’abri du tourisme de masse. L’exploration du désert syrien depuis Palmyre serait plus inattendue…

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    “Poor and developing nations have been particularly hard hit by the epidemic.”Thanks, Christopher, for highlighting the day.Sometimes HIV/AIDS appear to be the forgotten epidemic.A potential, world-wide outbreak of the flu seems to get more attention.We all need to do our part to bring focus to the plight of those millions living with the disease, and continue to pressure those that can bring some relief.

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    Très jolie chanson. Bring them home, this war has gone too longDans les commentaires, il y a un supporter de la guerre ET du « surge » qui dit qu’en septembre, c’est fini, il faut les ramener.Dur pour ceux qui doivent attendre septembre

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    Hallo Andre, ik ben thomas en 9 jaar. Volgende week moet ik mijn spreekbeurt doen en dan doe ik het over het heelal. Heeft uw misschien nog leuke tips voor mij wat ik zeker moet vertellen want ik ga ook iets over ruimtevaart vertellen.U zult het wel heel druk hebben daar, maar ik hoop dat u iets wil antwoordeb.Groeten, Thomas

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    Can you explain what you mean when you say “the first battle we need to win is the elimination of the green energy act and FIT program”? There is SOOOOOOOOOOO much ambiguity in these statements that it’s virtually impossible for Tim Hudak to be forced to follow through on promises like these. ????Reminds me of the wisdom, be careful what you wish for…

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    Minullekin Pikku Pegasos on lapsuudesta läheinen ja vieläkin ihana teos. Lapsena tykkäsin eniten Ilpo Tiihosen Jees ketsuppia -lorusta (makuni ei tainnut olla kauhean hienostunut, hih), jonka muuten osaan yhä ulkoa, ja nyt suosikkini on ehkä suloinen Annan kanssa -runo. En ole muuten varma, ovatko nuo kyseisten runojen oikeat nimet.Pegasos löytyy yhä hyllystä, samoin Tapahtui Tiitiäisen maassa. Haluaisin myös tuon Tammen lastenrunokirjan, meillä on siitä "punakantisesta sarjasta" vain lastenlaulukirja, joka on kyllä kiva sekin.Karoliina

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    Anna,I guess I should have done a better job of explaining what I meant. Certain genres lend themselves to entertainment. I write family sagas. I don’t consider myself an entertainer. My favorite authors are people like Anne Tyler and Alice McDermott. They are exemplary practitioners of the craft but I think both would shudder at the label entertainer. I’m not suggesting I am in their league as a writer but I don’t think the entertainer label applies to all writers and all genres, I hope this clarifies my previous comment. Thanks again, Anna.Like? 0

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    Rossanaaaaa a causa tua e della tua continua ossessione, chiamiamola anche 'Marant-mania' stamattina ho ceduto e..le ho comprate!! Le ho provate credendo che mi stessero uno schifo e invece calzano alla perfezione, mi fanno quasi sembrare più magra! Quindi ti ringrazio! 😀

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    L’Histoire serait vecteur de conscience ? Hum…Si la science sans conscience n’est que ruine de l’âme, un philosophe a dit un jour : Cumul de connaissances n’éduque pas l’intelligence.A vos moteurs de recherche !

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    Well done Katharina I am sending you wishes for a great success with your new venture, although I know you will not need it. the stamps are sensational and will be a RUNAWAY success, your design team are fantastic and all wonderful card makers, look forward to seein their creations.After huffing and puffing I have decided to enter and my card can be found Hugs Jacqui x

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    I agree as well. Putting granite counter tops on old, outdated countertops is really not fooling anyone. However, in the defense of the realtor, I've seen buyers reject a house with an unbelieveable kitchen layout (including a bay window adorned eating area) simply because there were no granite countertops. Go figure!!!

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    Yeah, I think the IDF has learned it’s lesson from the last flotilla. Next time , just sink ‘em. Save a lot of bother.And there ends any chance of me ever thinking you might be a reasonable or even vaguely moral person jon s.

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    bravo orso bianco, tra un po' si va in letargo.@Gaz,cara, forse apprezzerò le bellezze di settembre quando andrò in pensione 🙁 eeeehh, campa cavallo…@Pep, il catalano-genovese è una lingua che mi è ignota, peccato, avrei potuto capire qualcosa del tuo blog 🙁

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    Hi my dear-I'll join you on the low maintenance, I too haven't had a manicure, pedicure, facial and have had less than half a dozen professional leg waxes-beauty regime-whats that, lol!! Just adore your Jeff Banks blouse and pop boutique skirt, very cute and vibrant and its a shame you can't drive with a wonderful fleet of vehicles!! xx

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    Petite pensée du jour: « Tu attires les autres par les qualités que tu montres. Ils te restent fidèles par celles que tu possèdes. » Travail dessus mais essaie pas de séduire involontairement en étant différent de ce que tu es vraiment. Tu va p-e pogner plus mais tu ne les gardera pas plus si tu les conquéris par l’illusion.

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    I love the designs! I look forward to divinity each year, without the nuts (have enough of those in my family). I only get it once a year so need it to last from Christmas through New Years. the container has to be airtight and durable; rocks of sugar just are not the same as the light, fluffy smoothness of divinity that melts in your mouth. Mmmmm!

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    Wow. Very cool of you to post this. I myself have and will always battle depression. But I am one of the lucky ones who made it to a therapist and is working on it. It's a tough thing but it can get better! Anyway – just wanted to say great post and get some rest!

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    i don’t think men actually relise that the pictures they see of women in magazines are actually airbrushed to perfection, this gives women like us a false sense of security, and we do mad at trying to be perfect. But just remember everyone is beautiful!

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    Glöm inte att det där med att blinka med helljuset ocksÃ¥ kan betyda ”stanna – jag ska köra först”. Inte lätt att veta om man ska köra eller stanna. Att köra i Juba är onekligen ett bra sätt att träna upp tÃ¥lamod, obervationsförmÃ¥ga, vidseende och konsentrationsförmÃ¥ga.

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    tive um aborto espontaneo entre o dia 5 e 12 de Dezembro 2011, fiz ecografia vaginal me disseram k meu utero tava limpinho k nao era preciso fazer nenhuma limpeza, a 1 dia descobri que estou novamente gravida, k devo fazer? Terei algum problema durante a gravidez por ter engravidado logo de seguida sem ter vindo novamente a menstruaçao?

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    There is no fees for managing the startups. So there will be few takers for this scheme. Not many new wanna-be incubators will meet the criteria of finding a linkage to a local IHL. Many IHLs already got their own incubators. Good effort by NRF but I’m afraid this is another academic exercise like the previous ones.

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    Lucille,Beckwith – my point exactly. While this may be offensive to people here, it’s not illegal, and the only one acting illegally is the veteran.However, if he were charged and tried, and I were on the jury, I would never, ever vote guilty. No matter what. The best the prosecution would get out of me is a hung jury. 😛

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    “they could sleep here mom! we have room!”. Right now he is collecting things in a box to send to Africa, which includes many drawings, toys and his prized soccer trophy. Kids can teach us SO much! THanks for sharing your story.

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    Because … it defeats the whole idea of having a Lt. Gov..For years, we had the Sen. President serve as acting governor… The Lt. Gov post was created specifically to prevent that from happening. She really has not much else to do. But if the Lt. Gov is out the same time the governor is, what’s the sense of having one?

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    Wait, is that a problem with the standards of evidence in terror cases, or with the standards in *rape* cases? Because “It should be as easy to get exhonorated on terrorism charges as it is on rape charges” is a sentence packed to the brim with wrong.

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    · I love this! Free-style cooking is how I love to cook and eat – it’s easy and some truly delicious things have come from it. (A few less than delicious things also…) I’m trying to write about these experiments in an interesting and novel way on my blog but I think you just nailed it!

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    Phew…cardio day for sure! Biked to work & back, biked to dragonboat practice and paddled for an hour, went for a 30 min bike ride after that…I think I got my steady state covered a few times! Had some delicious clean eats today, although my crepes were not as pretty as yours, haha.


    Love the tights Vix! Also, love the never dressing down attitude, I'm the same. Casual clothing always makes me feel so uncomfortable and sloppy! You have received some lovely gifts lately, looking forward to seeing you whip up some of those patterns. Especially the cape:)


    And he's been doing a great job. BUT… i have to say that even the best substitute just illuminates how amazing the REAL Cul de Sac is. There's such a perfect balance of sweet, outrageous, real, hilarious, and warm in your strip that I don't think anyone else can replicate. Good a job as Corey is doing, I can't wait for you to finish your pie and get back to work! (And hopefully feel much better from your treatment.)

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